And along with it Mosquitoes,

Worms of all kinds, Fleas, Ticks and

Allergic itching, sneezing, and wheezing!!!

Spring is coming and we are prepared to defend your pets against the onslaught of pests and parasites headed their way.  We are stocking Iverhart Max and Vectra 3D because we feel they cover the greatest spectrum of protection for your pets per dollar spent, as well as safe protection for sensitive pets. 

·         Iverhart Max is a once monthly heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm preventative that comes in a chewable tablet.  It is necessary to ensure that your pet is heartworm negative prior to starting any prevention program.  This is accomplished by obtaining a small blood sample and running an in house test that takes only 10 minutes.   

·         Vectra 3D is one of the most comprehensive flea and tick control products on the market today.
It kills and repels many of the pests/parasites that are common to our region
such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, mites and sand flies.

·         If you have an old favorite you prefer we are able to get any product you desire
sent right to your home.

Pets with environmental allergic conditions will be starting their spring time routines soon.  Come in before they are driving themselves, and you, crazy with itching and talk to us about our alternatives to steroid therapy.  Natural supplements or allergy sensitization injections are a much better long term treatment plan to combat common allergy symptoms.  Steroids provide immediate relief of symptoms but can cause harmful effects with chronic use.

We look forward to helping with all your spring time needs,

Don’t forget it is also a great time to spay and neuter your pets!




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08/08/2016 3:21am

This blog is very important in its own sense because here writer is talking about spring season which is about to come. That’s why we should get ready for it and this whole article is written about diseases of this seasons like itching and sneezing etc.


Winter is here now) Spring is not soon at all) But I don't care!

12/09/2016 12:00am

Steroids are very bad! I think everybody should avoid them!

02/12/2017 12:57am

I will buy these products soon because Spring is near. I try to care about my pets.


Love the Spring, the balanced season.


Loved the title lines of this post, thanks for sharing.


Great information.

05/14/2017 11:42pm

Great post.


I will see the next spring. Maybe I will need your help little bit.

09/13/2017 5:51am

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